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Is Your Horse Sweating Well?

         Anhidrosis is a complete or incomplete ability of a horse to sweat.  In severe cases, the horse may become so overheated that it is at risk to develop heatstroke.  For most of our clients, anhidrosis is performance limiting and limits the times of day and amount of time a horse can be exercised.  s sweating ability.  Anhidrosis can develop suddenly, and may or may not recur from year to year.  Dr. Vivrette suspects that an occurrence of overwork in hot weather (when the horse is not used to this type of work) may serve as a trigger for anhidrosis.  for an intense riding clinic, or strenuous competition event, think twice about pushing your horse too hard and consider the risk of development of anhidrosis.
          Signs that your horse is overheated include inability to cool down after work, marked nostril flare and labored breathing.  The horse often has a worried or anxious expression on their face.If your horse does become overheated, you can use cooling down tools discovered during preparation for the Atlanta Olympic Games.  Hose down your horse with cold water and continuously scrape the water off.  the heat out of the muscles and the scraping will remove the now warmed water off of the horse. 
          Anhidrosis can be diagnoses with skin testing using serial dilutions of epinephrine or terbutaline.  Ask questions when purchasing a horse about sweating ability in hot weather.  Please feel free to give us a call if you would like to discuss anhidrosis in more depth.

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